Carlos Urroz is an independent artist, which performs musical projects with a wide range of musicians from the most varied styles.

Also produces its own spectacles of percussion and dance, with its own project: ALKORA. Creates and produces all their shows, creating a style of

percussion, dance fusion and wholly original and far from any stereotype. Personal creation, modern and with a lot of energy. Has set up until the time of 9 own

shows, produced, compounds as director.

Carlos records for professional recording studios ON LINE, creating production of drum and percussion, for bands, soloists, soundtracks etc. ..

He has given numerous MASTER CLASSES, private classes for groups and individuals, teaching percussion instruments and drums to more than 500 people in

Spain the last 15 years.

He has published several books of percussion. He has published several CDs, performed and compounds 100 % by himself.


Carlos has played with more than 35 groups of rock music, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Latin Jazz, New Age, Dance, Theater, Flamenco, World Music etc. ..

and Recording CDs for more than 25 audio projects.


As session musician with: ALKORA, ARACIEL, and collaborations...


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SILBIDOS Kutxi Romero-Marea, Dani Varela, Punki, Txo y Carlos Urroz


....... ......


DR TXO. Javiertxo Pintor, Carlos Urroz,Fran Ramirez .



NO ME IMPORTA. Iker Piedrafita , Javiertxo Pintor, Agnes Lilith, Carlos Urroz.



NI UN DIA MAS. Alfredo Piedrafita(Barricada), Aurora Beltran, Javiertxo Pintor, Carlos Urroz



MENINOS DA RUA. Akerra,"El Drogas", Javiertxo Pintor, Carlos Urroz



CALLAR MI VOZ. Brigi Duke (Koma), Akerra, Txo, Carlos Urroz








MIERCOLES. Javiertxo Pintor, Chuma Flamarique, Carlos Urroz, Pedro Planillo, Claudia Oses



ESPERAME EN EL CIELO. Mari Tere Acosta, Javier Ruz, Txo, Carlos Urroz.



ÁFRICA. Naiara Ruz, Javier Ruz, Javiertxo Pintor, Carlos Urroz



ESPUMA Y SAL. Javier Ruz, Carlos Urroz, Claudia Oses, Jakim Ortega



BULERÍA DEL CALABOZO. Javier Ruz, Javiertxo Pintor, Carlos Urroz




Current Music Proyects:


ARACIEL , Latin Music



100 % Percussion by Carlos Urroz ...



Show Drum Sesion with"Alkora"................Show ILURNA by Carlos and Ana Belén García





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